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Hinged Beasts!

I love the Hinged Beast Series from Australian artist, Emma Kidd!  Emma creates hand painted, cut-out, and constructed fantasy creatures with moving arms, legs, and limbs.  Although these may not hold up to enthusiastic play time with most little ones, I cant help but want to buy these for them!  I am sure that an older child would appreciate their delicay a little more {and when I say older child, I might mean the rest of us!}.  They are priced from $10-$200 so there is something for every budget.  See all of Emma’s creates on her Etsy site, under the store name benconservato.  Enjoy!

Emma Kidd Horse

Emma Kidd 6

Emma Kidd 5 Emma Kidd 4 Emma Kidd 2 Emma Kidd Mer Man

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