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Custom Stationery {DIY}

I went into my stationery drawer this morning to grab a thank you card and rediscovered some wonderful cards that Jessica made for me a few years back.  These little customized note cards are so easy its silly that I haven’t made more and shared the love.  With a modern sewing machine, a box of letter stamps, and some stock notecards and envelopes, you can have an instant hostess gift, housewarming present, or shower gift.

Start by picking you desired decorative stitch and thread with a contrasting color to the card stock you have chosen.  Add a border, some stripes, or a little decorative corner.  Use your imagination but just don’t forget to open the envelope before you sew on it!  Jess left the threads loose which I thought was a nice undone touch.  It also keeps you from having to figure out how to finish them.  This is kind of my rule with many things- figure out how to make the simpler option seem intentional and elegant.  That’s about it!  Super easy, fun, and completely useful!

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