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Old Becomes New

Wow!  Last week was a bit crazy with both WEST and Renegade Austin, but with the help of my new assistant extraordinaire, Sara, we conquered it!  It took a little time to get the shop and the studio back in order but now I am feeling ready to tackle new projects {and new blog posts}!

Every spring and change in fashion and style I usually find myself wanting to change something at the house, bring in some color, or a new statement decor accessory.  Without the budget to always go and staisfy this whim, I am constantly looking to update things I already own {like just dye it}.  This spring and summers hot trends of color blocking and ombre can easily be applied to simple and often inexpensive pieces you already own.  Its a great way to feel up to date and get excited about something without having to break the bank.  Here are a few inspirational images I snagged from Kirsty to get your creative juices flowing. And if you are too scared to tackle a piece of furniture at this time, grab some bamboo serving spoons, some terracotta pots, or simple wooden beads and start small!

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