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Kitchen Scrubber {DIY}

I found this DIY in my daily Remodelista email this morning and wanted to share it with you {they snagged the DIY from 3191 Miles Apart}.  I am always wanting something better than a kitchen brush and nicer than a sponge.  This is the perfect compromise and is totally a great way to get back into knitting {or a great first knitting project}.

Begin with a refresher on simple knitting via YouTube.   Pick up some generic coarse jute twine like this from Home Depot and two medium sized knitting needles from a hobby or fabric store like JoAnns.  Cast on 12 stitches and begin to build a long rectangle.

Once you can fold the rectangle over on itself to make a square, cast off, and you are done knitting.  Use some wool stuffing, water resistant and naturally anti-bacterial, or a natural sponge for the center, and close the edges with a simple blanket stitch.  The ladies at 3191 Miles Apart chose to use a black thread to finish off their scrubber but I think this is where you can have fun!  Choose something bright, like a hot pink or a royal blue, a ribbon, or a decorative strip of anything that catches your attention.  Violia, you are finished!  I wonder if this work as a body loofa?

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