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Etsy Registry {finally!}

Finally, Etsy has done what Jessica and I have been wishing for the past year, a Wedding Registry!  Unfortunately it is a little late for her wedding, but definitely not too late for mine!  I am a big fan of online registries in general but this takes it to another level.  The idea of receiving only artisan made pieces for your big day just makes the entire occasion even more special.  I think that wedding gifts should be functional at the least {we can all use some help building out a new home} but should also include pieces that will be special mementos for your life together.  My parents received a set really nice beer glasses with etched “U” and “D”.  Although they didnt use them often, there was always a story that came along when they were pulled out on special occasions.  That is what I am talking about!  Below are a few items that would be great additions to any registry!

white oak salt & pepper mills . $165

porcelain hanging planters, set of 3 . $110

porcelain nesting bowls . $130

hexagon shelves, set of 3 . $174

linen pillow cover . $60

painted wooden spoons, set of 4 . $24

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