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Just dye it!

So, if you were like me, you packed your closet full of lovely neutrals last year and are now in desperate need of some color!  As much as I would love to go out and buy an entire new wardrobe for spring, I am pretty sure it just isnt going to happen.  My current solution- dye it!

I am not sure how it happened but I now have several dye jobs on the to-do list and in typical Christine fashion, they are not easy ones!  (Why cant I pick easy ones to try first?).  The first dye job is the maid of honor dress for my best friend Jessica‘s wedding.  Jessica was pretty great about the dresses – she gave us a few requirements (above the knee and no pattern) and a color scheme (coral, peach, pink, cranberry) but outside of that we got to choose a dress that we might actually wear again! You would think it would have been easy, with coral being the color of S12 and all but…. Needless to say I found a great dress that fit my personality, my body, my price-range… and it was cream!  So obviously I needed to do something.

I contacted the ladies at Dharma Trading Company and asked them for their advice on dying polyester.  Poly is one of the most unpredictable fabrics to dye because you never know how it will react to the dye.  I ordered iDye for Polyester in 448 Orange and 449 Red hoping to be able to blend into a color in the scheme and read up on the instructions on the Dharma website.  I opted for the stove top method since the hotter you get the water, the better the dye will take.  Since the dye came in dissolve-able packets, I decided not to cut into them and blend a color but use both the entire red and the orange together (and hope it would be a color that would work).

It really wasnt that hard and I have to say, I am super excited about how the dress came out!  Next, a cashmere sweater (scary) and then my wedding dress (super scary)!!!  Ill keep yall posted.  Let me know if yall try dying something and definitely send pictures!



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