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Studio Visit, Verena Junghans

After an afternoon of hiking and castle-ruin-exploring in Southern Germany, my aunt and uncle took us to a small gasthof and restaurant in Blaesiberg.  On the bottom floor was the inviting studio of porcelain artist Verena Junghans.  With such lovely and delicate pieces with colorful and organic details, we couldn’t leave without snagging a small piece.

It was inspiring to see such a modern, inventive and inviting studio in the country side, attached to such a quaint and colloquial gasthof.  It only fuels the idea of having a summer house/blues bar/bbq joint/artist studio in the Southern Germany countryside of our own!  Definitely on the 10 year plan.

You can get a better idea of the scope of Verna’s work here, just click on “bildergalerie”.

Our Souvenir!

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