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Gift Collective – Gifts for Simple Modernists by 2Modern

I hope everyone had a relaxing, hearty, and healthy Thanksgiving Holiday!  Every year I am more and more thankful for the family and friends I have supporting me and making my life worth living, and this year I am thankful for you as well!  With out you and the others supporting fail and Schatzelein, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  So, THANK YOU!

Now, on to today’s guide!  Adrienee Breaux is the editor of the blog for 2Modern and a contributor to both Apartment Therapy and Culture Map.  Who better to bring us a guide dedicated to the simple modernist?  There are definitely a few on my wish list {hint hint}.  Enjoy!

  1. Studio Patro’s Linen Market Bagsays “carry” on one side and “goods” on the other and happens to be a clever and modern way to buy groceries or tote your daily items around (it even has pockets for keys and phone).
  2. Even if you’re buying for a foodie or not, everyone likes food that tastes good and everyone can enjoy the simplicity and functionality of this black and white Marble Salt & Pepper Cellar Set.
  3. A set of four of Pigeon Toe’s Banded Wood Coasters are warm and clean and a perfect gift for anyone who drinks beverages of any sort.
  4. Ferm Living’s Cutting Board 1 is like a home plate for your counter top. You’ll hit a home run with this gift.
  5. People need to see and they’ll see their work in a whole new light with the &Tradition AJ3 Bellevue Table Lamp.
  6. Artist and art director Heather Chontos just started another business, Milk Farm Road, and these Painted Spoons are beautiful and functional.
  7. Vessel’s Planter designed by John Follis is made for plants, but its fresh and simple aesthetic means the gift receiver will be able to use it nearly any way and anywhere they’d like.

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