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Gift Collective – For the Bibiliophile by Domy

Today’s installment of the Gift Collective comes from Russell Etchen of Domy Books.  Domy is one of those stores you can spend hours in, thumbing through beautifully put together books and playing with art inspired toys and ephemera.  Domy, along with Big Red Sun and OK Mountain , was one of the first art/retail outposts on Austin’s East Casar Chavez St.   By the looks of it this past weekend during EAST, Domy was definitely a trendsetter.  With so many new boutiques and studios popping up all over Cesar Chavez, it is turning into a great place to spend a Saturday afternoon.  Here are Russell’s picks from the shop.  Enjoy!

  1. Important French political manifesto, The Coming Insurrection
  2. Kafka classic with a new cover, The Trial
  3. Craig Thompsons brand-new epic masterpiece, Habibi
  4. Beautiful graphic guide for the fresh and experienced, Farm Anatomy 
  5. Classic wooden toy for kids and adults, Playable Art Ball
  6. Second volume of the popular Russian Criminal Tattoo books, back in print!
  7. Gerhard Richter’s compendium of collected and taken images, 1962-2006, back in print

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