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Golden Ink Collaborative & Edition X

I am not sure how I discovered Golden Ink Collaborative but I love their jewelry and I am always intrigued by their emails and eager to see what they are up to.  Golden Ink is a collaboration between Australian artists Abby Seymour and Katherine Wheeler.  The result is a beautiful marriage of organic and spontaneous porcelain pieces (Wheeler) with intricate and decorative illustrations (Seymour).

It was one such email announcing a collection they are presenting for Edition X that hooked me this time.  Edition X is one of several sites that have cropped up in the past year that focus on limited editions from highly skilled and talented small artisans and designers.  {Another favorite is Of a/KIND}  The focus is on the preciousness of each piece, the process behind making it, and the people who live to make it.  Obviously, this is important to me and my mission at Schatzelein and its nice to see others focusing on it as well.  Did I mention that they have a pretty amazing website too?  Check it all out here.

Fredericks and Mae . Bocce Set

Abby Seymour . Interwoven Profiles Print

Tom Malchi . Pyrite Earrings

Faraway House . Wooden Gem Stool

Golden Ink . Patchwork Lace Cup

Charles Wyatt . Shatter Bangle

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