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Gift Collective – Gifts for Gents by CANOE

Today’s gift guide comes from a good friend and inspiring designer, Natalie Davis.  Natalie is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, which is putting it mildly.  She designs and manages the brands Miss Natalie and CANOE, was the mastermind of the much talked about Tool & Tack Pop Up Shop, collaborated on fail+CANOE, and teaches design at the Art Institute of Austin!  Whew…. She has such a diverse background and unique point of view and I am excited to bring her guide to you today.

  1. Gentlemen know how to throw an intimate dinner party. Learn how with Kinfolk Magazine, $24/issue
  2. Protect your letterpress business cards with BillyKirk Stitched Card Case No. 165, $75
  3. So fresh and so clean with Saipua Saltwater soap, $10
  4. Daily inspiration from a hand cut Johnny Cash Mirror Portrait, $175
  5. Dive deep with TBW Books Subscription Series #3, four books featuring photography by Mark Steinmetz, Dru Donovan, Elaine Stocki, and Katy Grannan, $100
  6. Finishing touch with fail+CANOE Merle cuff, $65
  7. Keep it all together in Wood & Faulk Northwesterner bag in Charcoal Gray, $200

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