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The Portland Collection {by Pendleton}

The weather is changing {finally} and I am starting to dig into my old cold-weather clothing, and I am a bit disappointed.  Admittedly, I am a warm weather girl.  I have tons of amazing dresses, skirts, lightweight shirts, etc however my wardrobe falls flat and boring in the winter months.  But this year I am challenging myself to embrace fall, layering, boots, and tights!  I think with a few key pieces, I can revive my winter wardrobe.  It was with this in mind that I began looking for inspirational images and discovered the Portland Collection by Pendleton via Mama’s a Rolling Stone.

Pendleton Woolen Mills, a century-old Pacific Northwest company, joined with Portland-based designers Nathaniel Crissman, Rachel Turk and John Blasioli to create a line reflecting the rich heritage Pendleton with a modern sensibility.  They use bold Native American-inspired prints with classic Pendelton fabrics.  They are rather striking and I was initially worried that the prints were going to be a bit overdone, however when I dug a little deeper, I was really excited to see the theme carried throughout an extensive collection successfully and delicately.  Check out their website and find out more about the designers, their creative process, and most importantly where to shop.

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