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Mobiles {again!}

I love mobiles and have been on a kick for a while.  I recently purchased an amazing hand embroidered mobile from Specks & Keepings, hurriedly, in the final minutes of the Renegade Handmade Festival in Chicago {I had zero time to leave my booth, but it was probably a good thing or I would have spent all my money!  Good thing Hillery was only two booths down}  I planned on giving it as a gift, but made the mistake of hanging it in my room, and now it just wont seem to come down.  She does extremely intricate embroidery work on “soft sculptures” and I just couldn’t resist.  I really wanted Henrietta & Ida but it just wasnt in my budget but none the less, I am super happy with my purchase!

So, as you can imagine, I was very excited to see and the himmeli mobiles from AMradio while perusing Unruly Things yesterday.  Not as colorful or organic as the mobiles I have enjoyed previously, I really like these for their simple, geometric, and architectural qualities.  Enjoy!

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