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Introducing Molly M Designs

I am delighted to announce we are now carrying Molly M Designs at Fail Jewelry!

Molly McGrath is a designer based in the Mission district of San Francisco. She is heavily influenced by her background in architecture, and after using a laser cutter to create architectural models she realized its unique potential to make other designed objects.  Her artwork always draws upon that background with a synthesis of concept, form, material, details, connections and use.

Float, pictured above, is the perfect example of this synthesis and is one of my favorites.  It showcases the technical design of laser cutting, and is actually 5 pieces laid together to form the final look. 

While these prints are not available for purchase on our website, you can contact us to buy them directly.


flat print molly m designs

Float 16x16 - $150


adjoin print molly m designs

Adjoin 16x20 - $150


circle print molly m designs

Circle 12x12 - $100


submerge print molly m designs

Submerge 16x20 - $145


square print molly m designs

Square 12x12 - $100

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