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Introducing Variance Objects

I am so excited to welcome Variance Objects to Fail Jewelry.

The beautiful pieces created by Nicole Rimedio in her Santa Cruz studio highlight the natural beauty of raw materials.  Nicole uses raw cut gemstones along with her signature blend of 14-24k yellow, rose, and white gold. 

In her studs, each raw semi-precious gemstones is cut differently to preserve the natural beauty of the stone giving you a one of a kind look.  These make a perfect gift for a birthday or anniversary, and I love them in a 2nd or 3rd hole!

Her rings are also some of my absolute favorites, and I especially love them as an alternative wedding band and engagement rings.  Each ring is formed by a process that makes each truly one-of-a-kind.  When selecting this type of special piece you want it to have those inherent qualities that make it unique, just like your partner, and what better way to show that than with a ring that can't be replicated!

While these pieces are not available for purchase on our website, you can contact us to buy them directly.

Variance Objects: Amazonite studs

Amazonite Studs - $194

Variance Objects: Australian Opal Studs

 Australian Opal Studs - $238


Variance Objects: Baguette Diamond Band

 Baguette Diamond Band - $363


Variance Objects: Lapis Studs

Afghani Lapis Studs - $194


Variance Objects: Seemed Skinny Band

Skinny Seemed Band - $484

Rose Cut Diamond Band - $836

Brazilian Emerald Studs - $299

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  • erik on July 27, 2018

    can I see what the back of the studs looks like? Thanks

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