Ringing in the New Year


As the year winds down, I want to take a moment to reflect on all that has happened and look forward to the potential of all that can happen in the upcoming new year.

I do have to say 2016 was an interesting and exciting year for fail!

I was most excited about reaping the rewards of some serious streamlining in the studio over the previous year. All of our hard work definitely paid off and we were able to take out the peaks and valleys of the workload, resulting in a stress level that was at an all-time low for me and my staff. It doesn't get much better than that!

What took me by surprise, even though it shouldn't have, was the willingness of my staff to step up when we were thrown an unexpected curve ball in my busiest month, November.

I’m most thankful that we dodged a bullet with the weather and pulled off the inaugural Origin Designer Market! The overwhelmingly positive feedback from both customers and vendors alike, along with partnering with some bad ass designers made this holiday market a super high note to end the year on.

2017 should prove to be just as, if not more, exciting!

I’m hoping for more time to design and be creative, and to actually have time to act on all of my ideas!  

And, I resolve to continue to learn! I could coast for a while with the business and be fine, but I know there are opportunities I will be better prepared to tackle if I continue to study and learn more about myself and my business. 

Happy New Year to all of you in the fail family! May 2017 help you realize all your dreams and hopes.


fail_home_high res-895

I am happy to announce the addition of a few fail HOLIDAY items and a new mobile are now available in the shop!

Our new organic hammered brass ornaments add a sparkle to your holiday decor and gifts, but we like them year-round too!  The same goes for our garlands, which are the perfect compliment to a holiday tree, and look lovely in the entryway or across your mantle.  Additionally, I designed a smaller three dimensional version of our large mobiles for fall.  Our new petite 4-piece mobile is perfect for catching light and playing with movement.  I know it will be one of your favorites too!holiday_2014

Lifestyle photos by Courtney Chavanell

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Gifts for the Austin Gal

Its that time of year again!  Can you believe it?  Thanksgiving is this week… at least its finally cold in Austin!

This first installment in our Gift Guide Series and I wanted to help you out with gift ideas for the Austin Gal.  Shes a few steps ahead of the rest, and loves her laid back, effortless style, and appreciates shopping locally.  Below are some sure to please picks you can grab from local makers online, or pick up at small boutiques here in Austin.  Enjoy!


  1. Arc Collar Necklace, fail, $118
  2. Uzi NYC Denim Tunic, Olive, $84
  3. Aura Single Ring Chime by Ladies & Gentlemen, Nannie Inez, $165
  4. Deep Sky Tote Bag, CANOE, $175
  5. Inti Ballerina Flat by Fortress of Inca, Stella Says Go, $130
  6. Strathcona Tights, Spartan, $36

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DIY Men’s Gifts {Gift Collective}

I really loved researching my first Gift Collective post {Do-It-Yourself Gifts} and I knew I wanted to do another before the season was out.  This DIY guide focuses on the hardest of them all to shop for, the men!  For this holiday, we are trying to make all of the presents for my family, and I got stumped when it came to Dad.  Below are some of my favorites that will probably make their way under the tree.  {Dad, please ignore this post!}  Happy Making!

DIY Men's Gifts

  1. Brown sugar BBQ rub, via Real Simple
  2. Modern concrete planters, via Apartment Therapy
  3. Etched beer glass, via The Yummy Life
  4. Candied Jalapenos, via Tasty Kitchen
  5. Tripod camping stool from Wood & Faulk, via Apartment Therapy
  6. Beef jerky, via The Art of Manliness

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Renegade Handmade Roundup

I stopped by the Renegade Handmade Holiday Market here in Austin a little over a week ago.  For the first time, I wasnt there selling with fail and I was super excited to walk around, chat with friends and colleagues, do a little holiday shopping, and deliver coffee to some tired market workers.  I have to say, I really enjoyed touring the market instead of working it!  We left with a few items and I snagged cards from some really great Austin designers.  Below are my favorite new finds.  The images link directly to their shops so you can still get an order in before the holidays if you see something special.


Rally Made


Fair Morning Blue


BDJ Craftworks


Zoe Comings


Arcane Arts


Dim and Sum


Little Minnow

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Amateur Chef by Pate Letelier {Gift Collective}

Today’s guide comes my resident go-to for all things culinary, Jackie Letelier of The Letelier Food Company.  Jackie has put together a list of her favorite and most used kitchen items.  These finds have been tested in her kitchen and are perfect for the amateur chef and food lover in your life.

Also, if you need a little something extra for the Thanksgiving weekend, stop by Fresh Plus on West Lynn and pick up some pate or one of the many weekend farmers markets featuring Jackie’s creations.  Your tummy will thank you.  Check out all of her local outlets here and happy eating!

  1. This is a small gem to have in the kitchen for everyday use. Takes up no space and is perfect for making a single batch of salsa or chopping up a bunch of garlic. Cuisnart, 4 Cup Chopper/Grinder, $64.95
  2. I just got this book and it is great! Written by local chef, butcher and hunter Jessie Griffiths. The recipes are amazing and the photos are spectacular. There is even a section on how to skin a squirrel! A Field, A Chef’s Guide To Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish, $40
  3. I love this cutting board. Great to hang in the kitchen and use everyday, but even better to use for appetizers when entertaining. Black Walnut Cuttingboard with Leather Strap from Spartan, $84
  4. This is probably one of my favorite kitchen items. It will last you a life time and you can make anything in it. I use mine for Everything from cookin’ up ribeyes to baking cornbread.  15″ Cast Iron Skillet, $69.95
  5. These knives are handmade in Houston by Russell Montgomery. I want every piece. Serenity Knives, $150-$350

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Holiday Wear

Even though it is not necessarily “cold” in Austin at this moment, I cant help but get excited for the prospect of holiday appropriate clothing.  For me, the holidays always invoke visions of metallic, velvet, lace and sequins. There aren’t many times that I feel like dressing up in Austin {Austin is notoriously casual, sometimes to a fault} but the holidays are one time of year where we can.  I pulled together a few pieces for inspiration , and the best part, all are under $100!  Here’s to the party season!

  1. Split Hem Metallic Sweater, $62
  2. Topshop Lace Shell Top, $32
  3. Mango Velvet Trousers, $60
  4. Schutz Metal Tipped Flat, $99
  5. Red or Dead Sequin Skirt, $79
  6. Dorothy Perkins Sequin Jacket, $59

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Do-It-Yourself {Gift Collective}

Well, it is that time of year again and the holiday’s are upon us!   Wasn’t it just last week that it was 80 degrees?  {Oh yeah, that was last week!}  To help us out a bit, over the next few weeks I am going to bring you some gift selections from some of my most creative and ingenuous friends, designed to inspire the creative gift giver in us all.

Today’s guide is curated by yours truly, and is focused on the DIY gift.  Since we are still in the middle of November, there is still plenty of time to decide, buy supplies, procrastinate, and then finally make these gifts a reality.  But with these gifts, as in most gifts, it is the personalization that will make these special.  These are great starting points but use your imagination and run with them.

  1. Include a plant and a pot to complete the presentation with this leather hanging planter via Design*Sponge.
  2. Get creative with the design, pattern and coloring on these color block coasters via Poppy Talk.
  3. Think about embroidering or stamping onto the final product to personalize this functional felt tote via Martha Stewart
  4. Play with geometric patterns courtesy of your painters tape for these hand-painted tea towels via Everyday Occasions.
  5. Have fun with color, scale and size creating these geometric paperweights via Dot Coms for Moms.
  6. Customize the scent for each person when creating essential oil salt scrub via Martha Stewart.

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